Frontend Developer

Are you the practical Frontend Developer equipped with passion and the engineer-savviness that we are looking for? You’ll be able to use part of your work hours for your own projects and develop your skills in the industry’s best trainings.


Nitor is looking for a competent and passionate Frontend Developer for ongoing customer projects. Experience in developing and prototyping user interfaces is a prerequisite for success in the job. You have also mastered one of the following technologies: JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, AngularJS, Bootstrap, ES6, D3.js, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, HAML, REST, JSON, Git, Babel, Webpack, Karma, Jasmine, Chai and other testing frameworks. Command of mobile optimization and knowledge of other programming languages will be counted to your benefit.

What is it like work at Nitor?

Nitor’s development projects currently employ more than 170 software professionals who are leading experts in their field. We apply agile development methods, testing automation, and continuous delivery. The cornerstones of our work are the customer’s interest, keeping long-term costs in check, and using healthy common sense.

UX team Designer Niko Laitinen has been working at Nitor since 2014. According to Niko, the industry has changed rapidly in the last three years; front-end developers are increasingly expected to have an understanding of the overall picture, including serverless architecture.

“I applied for a job at Nitor with my design and front-end expertise, and in my work I now also focus on AWS Lambda, API gateway, S3, Cloudfront, Akamai, NodeSJ, Docker and Elastic Container set-up and configuration. My latest project also included Universal JS.”

Software Developer Juuso Soikkeli, who started at Nitor in early 2017, does his job in a passionate and customer-oriented manner.

“The most important thing in my work is to give the customer what they need as quickly as possible. Knowledge of web browser performance stumbling blocks and tools helps in my work, and an understanding of REST API, aggressive caching and the delivery network is also important.”

Niko also emphasizes understanding of the bigger picture.

“On the whole, front-end developers should understand how things interact: the solution architecture, REST and microservice architecture – not only within an application, but also its interfaces with other systems. For maintainability, it is also good to have knowledge of DevOps.”

Nitor’s front-end developers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and you may also have the chance to influence service design.

“Competence in usability and visual presentation is an advantage. We are looking for a co-worker who is passionate about development and wants to make user interfaces both user-friendly and functional. Testability, capacity for further development, and maintainability are vital to us,” Niko says.

Feel free to ask for more information from Sami "Lappis" Lappeteläinen at lappis(at) or apply from below. In the application, tell us about your competence and language skills. You can also provide a link to, for example, GitHub, if you have one. We are looking for multiple people for the position.

Nitor wants to offer the best place to work for its employees and enable them to develop their expertise further. At Nitor, it’s you and your unique skills and personal interest that defines the direction of your career. Challenging projects, inherent curiosity and peer-support motivate you on the path of continuous learning. You can attend exciting trainings, events, and conferences at Nitor’s expense. You may also use a part of your working hours on studying new things, developing Nitor as an organization, and pro-bono projects that inspire you, for example.

We don’t have a pre-destined career path for you. On the contrary, we invite you to explore your interests free from unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Nitor, who has been selected among the greatest places to work in Finland and Europe several years in a row, is dedicated to constantly develop its company culture together. At Nitor, your voice will be heard.