Fullstack Developer

I am looking for Full Stack Developers who master programming from browser-based user interfaces to integrations and background system development to join my team. Do you have what it takes to develop code that can be given a lifetime guarantee?


Esko Luontola is looking for more skilled coders to be his co-workers. In addition to software development projects, Esko has worked as a teacher and coach at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Helsinki. Esko is also known as an active open source developer and for his Let’s Code video blog.

“In my latest project, we renewed our customer’s core business systems from the user interface to server environments in close cooperation with the customer. This microservice-based system contains Java, JavaScript, Clojure, and R. In other words, there is something for everyone, whether you are interested in single-page apps, backend, integrations, or data science. The test and installation automation is up to date; from commit, it takes 5 minutes until it runs in the test environment and, after passing the e2e tests, also in production (installation stack: GoCD, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS).”

What is more important to us than following a single method are independent thinking, using common sense and a pragmatic way of applying proven methods and technologies in everyday work.

Come and enjoy our bureaucracy-free and creative atmosphere as well as exceptionally intelligent company. We are constantly looking for new employees, so do not wonder why this notice is not going anywhere. We are not looking for people for individual projects. We do not have growth targets with regard to the number of employees. Instead, we want to find more leading experts who we can proudly call Nitorians.

Feel free to ask for more information from Sami "Lappis" Lappeteläinen at lappis(at)nitor.com or apply from below. In the application, tell us about your competence and language skills. You can also provide a link to, for example, GitHub, if you have one. We are looking for multiple people for the position.

Nitor wants to offer the best place to work for its employees and enable them to develop their expertise further. At Nitor, it’s you and your unique skills and personal interest that defines the direction of your career. Challenging projects, inherent curiosity and peer-support motivate you on the path of continuous learning. You can attend exciting trainings, events, and conferences at Nitor’s expense. You may also use a part of your working hours on studying new things, developing Nitor as an organization, and pro-bono projects that inspire you, for example.

We don’t have a pre-destined career path for you. On the contrary, we invite you to explore your interests free from unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Nitor, who has been selected among the greatest places to work in Finland and Europe several years in a row, is dedicated to constantly develop its company culture together. At Nitor, your voice will be heard.