Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach - Stockholm

Sep 16, 2020, 12:00 PM

Could you be our next Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach in Stockholm? You’ll get to work together with the best experts in the field and help our clients with their transformation journey towards enterprise-wide agility.



We are Nitor, the Digital Engineering company, a group of Software Engineers, Digital Designers, Data Scientists, Strategists and Lean-Agile Coaches in Stockholm and Helsinki. Currently we are almost two hundred Nitoreans, and we’re growing.

Our mission is to do sustainable digital development together with our clients. This means that we do not develop solutions for machines, but for people. We also share our expertise by coaching, facilitating and training our customers to adopt the new ways of working and leading their business.


Nitor is one of the leading agile companies in Europe. We are currently 17 coaches with different backgrounds and expertise areas from large-scale agile and lean budgeting pioneers to SAFe contributors, agile tool specialists and organisational resilience experts.

All of our coaches are experienced enablers of enterprise transformation. We understand how corporations operate as a system and can be developed as a whole. We help our customers to recognise why and how Lean and Agile principles and methods can be scaled from team level to the whole organization, including programs, product management, portfolio management, strategy, HR, finance, controlling, budgeting and sourcing to name a few.

We analyze our customers' readiness to transform, but also make sure that the knowledge is transferred into new ways of working which follow modern leadership principles. On the team level, we support transformation by training and mentoring Scrum masters and product owners. On the program level, we help to establish Team of Teams and set up an agile content management approach. On the portfolio level, we coach towards a more value-centric way of working and leaner approach to budgeting. We also provide technical support for setting up delivery pipelines, tools for content management and test automation.


Andreas Tjernsten and Henrik Taubert both joined Nitor last year as the first Lean-Agile Coaches in our Stockholm office. You can read about their thoughts about joining Nitor back then here and here. But how are things after a year since Andreas and Henrik joined our homely office in Slussen?

“Is it really one year already?! Looking back, it’s been a year like I could never have imagined! I felt warmly welcomed and included in the Nitor community already from the start, not only having extremely competent colleagues in Stockholm and Helsinki who are always willing to share their knowledge and experience, but also care about each other. Our team here in Stockholm, consisting of agile coaches, developers and a designer, is also focused on supporting each other and we take the time to do fun things together.”, Andreas says.

We are now looking for more coaches to join the team to make a greater impact in Sweden.

“The reason I joined Nitor was that I wanted to be a part of a team of coaches I can learn from and improve myself, and a company with shared goals and ideas about agility and transformation. Now, after a successful first year, it’s a perfect time to grow the team of coaches in Stockholm.”, Henrik concludes.


This role is excellent for someone who wants to be part of and also build a great team of transformation consultants in Stockholm together with us. You are collaborative and entrepreneurial by nature and have great communication skills in Swedish and English.

Your responsibility is to help our clients to realize the value of lean-agile transformation. Experience in working in large-scale multinational environments and understanding the complexity of such organisations are essential to succeed in the job. You have experience in implementing SAFe, but you are also familiar with Lean Management and agile frameworks like LeSS.

Transformation of large corporations with different stakeholders doesn’t happen overnight. This means that the job also requires a lot of patience and perseverance combined with delicacy and a good sense of humour to lead the way for the change.

Apply now

Nitor wants to offer the best place to work for its employees and enable them to develop their expertise further. At Nitor, it’s you and your unique skills and personal interests that define the direction of your career. Challenging projects, inherent curiosity and peer-support motivate you on the path of continuous learning. You can attend exciting trainings, events, and conferences at Nitor’s expense. You may also use a part of your working hours on for example studying new things, developing Nitor as an organization, and pro-bono projects that inspire you.

We don’t have a pre-destined career path for you. On the contrary, we invite you to explore your interests free from unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Nitor, who has been selected among the greatest places to work in Finland and Europe several years in a row, is dedicated to constantly developing its company culture together. At Nitor, your voice will be heard.

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