Lean Agile Transformation Coach in Stockholm

Feb 9, 2018, 10:04 AM

Nitor is now looking for a leading Transformation Consultant to our accounts in Stockholm, Sweden. Do you want enterprises to achieve true agility? As a leading transformation consultant you would be driving the business growth while helping our clients reach an agile way of working in all organization levels.


We are looking for a person who can help our clients with their transformation journey towards the enterprise level agility. You would be training our clients and analyzing their readiness to transform. By applying the appropriate Lean and Agile principles. you will facilitate the adoption of the new ways of working.

Your responsibility is to realize the benefits and the value of the lean agile transformation to our clients. You might achieve this by helping them to understand why and how Lean and Agile principles and methods will be scaled from team level to cover whole organization, including program level, portfolio level, strategy, HR, Finance, controlling, budgeting, sourcing etc. You could use scrum, kanban and scaled versions of those as part of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). You understand how corporations operate as a system and you can develop the system as a whole. You make sure that your knowledge is transferred into new ways of working that are taken into use and they will solve the real life issues.

At Nitor, we focus on helping our customers by introducing modern leadership principles to all levels of the organization. For example, with teams we support transformation by training and mentoring scrum masters and product owners. On program level we help to establish Agile Release Train and setting up agile content management approach. With portfolio level we coach towards more value centric way of working, towards more agile budgeting approach and we help to build needed enablers. We also provide technical support for setting up delivery pipeline, SW tools for the content management and test automation.

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