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Are you the agile and practical Mobile Developer we are looking for? We offer you a more agile future in the best place to work in Finland (and one of the best in Europe). At Nitor, you’ll develop applications that are important for consumers and significant for the society. In the spirit of sustainable development, you’ll be able to use time for your own projects as well as attend to the best trainings in the industry.


Nitor’s development projects currently employ more than 170 software professionals who are leading experts in their field. We apply agile development methods, testing automation, and continuous delivery. The cornerstones of our work are the customer’s interest, keeping long-term costs in check and using healthy common sense.

Our most important mobile development platforms are iOS and Android. Our implementation techniques include, among others, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, Java and React Native. Interesting technologies and methods with regard to the position include, for example, Flutter, RxJava and Google Firebase.

As an enthusiastic mobile developer, you are also familiar with platform-independent software frameworks which are used to implement applications for different terminal devices. You understand the importance of agile quality assurance practices in mobile development. We appreciate a passionate attitude towards producing high-quality code and the ability to take up new viable technologies. For us, what is important is your ability to work in an agile manner to achieve the team’s common goals in a customer-oriented environment.

We at Nitor want to do great things with a small group of people. Our operating model combines two things in a unique way: an architecture that optimizes life cycle benefits and agile implementation that delivers quick benefits. The results are reflected in the exceptionally high level of satisfaction of our customers and personnel.

Apply today and remember to also provide us with your GitHub ID, if you have one.

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Nitor wants to offer the best place to work for its employees and enable them to develop their expertise further. At Nitor, it’s you and your unique skills and personal interest that defines the direction of your career. Challenging projects, inherent curiosity and peer-support motivate you on the path of continuous learning. You can attend exciting trainings, events, and conferences at Nitor’s expense. You may also use a part of your working hours on studying new things, developing Nitor as an organization, and pro-bono projects that inspire you, for example.

We don’t have a pre-destined career path for you. On the contrary, we invite you to explore your interests free from unnecessary hierarchy and bureaucracy. Nitor, who has been selected among the greatest places to work in Finland and Europe several years in a row, is dedicated to constantly develop its company culture together. At Nitor, your voice will be heard.

If you're job hunting, chances are you've seen enough of happy office photos. Here are a couple photos of our DSConf workshop on Conversational UIs.



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