How Agile is Sweden?

Jul 25, 2019, 12:59 PM

The University of Helsinki, Nitor and Blekinge Institute of Technology are researching the state of agile in Sweden. Contribute to the study and make your voice heard!


Our coaches often get questions about the use of agile methods in the countries where we are organizing training sessions or workshops.

One of the most well-known recent studies about agile adoption and usage is the State of Agile by VersionOne. The survey, however, doesn’t provide answers by country, which means that the question remains partly unanswered from a scientific point of view.

To get an answer to the questions for Finland, the University of Helsinki, together with Nitor surveyed agile methods last autumn. We learned, for example, that the most popular methods among the respondents in Finland were Scrum (88%), Kanban (81%), DevOps (62%), SAFe (61%) and Lean methods (52%). You can read more about the results of the Finnish survey on our blog. Additional survey results were presented by Maarit Laanti, founder of Nitor Delta, at the XP conference in Montreal in May.

Now, the University of Helsinki, Nitor and Blekinge Institute of Technology are repeating the study in Sweden, where we also have our new office. We aim to collect research material that is comparable with the results from Finland and enable comparisons and analysis across the countries.

Cooperating with the University of Helsinki and Blekinge Institute of Technology guarantees a high quality of research. Both universities have carefully evaluated the questions used in the study. Response data and research results will be handled according to common scientific practices, and single respondents will not be connected to research results.

Make your voice heard

If you're working in Sweden or for a Swedish company, we hope that you participate in this study and help the agile community to form a picture of where we stand. People who are not using agile methods can also participate in the survey. You are also very welcome to share the link with your colleagues!

Du kan även svara på enkäten på svenska!

You can participate here:

The survey will be open until September 30st. We will draw an iPhone XS between all eligible participants who have given their contact details. See our Privacy Policy page for information about collected data and gift draw rules.



Erik Fallenius is a Lean-Agile coach and enthusiastic about agile methods. He works for Nitor's coaching business and has years of experience in software development projects and method development.

Photo by Raphael Anders on Unsplash.