Maarit Laanti is the first SAFe Program Consultant Trainer in Finland

May 3, 2016, 9:00 AM

Maarit Laanti, the Head Trainer of Nitor, is the first Finn to achieve the SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT4) certificate, which validates her expertise in lean software development. Consequently, Nitor will become the second European company to have SPCT certified trainers.


Only SPCT certified trainers are authorized to give SAFe SPC courses where future SAFe trainers are trained.

“To be qualified to train the future trainers, you need to pass a course where only extremely experienced experts are admitted. And even they need good recommendations. Active participation in developing the SAFe model and helping at SPC courses are also required,” says Maarit Laanti.

Because the requirements are so strict, there are only about 25 SPCT certified trainers worldwide.

“Lean and agile methods are a booming trend in organizational development and SAFe is the leading model. There are about 35 SAFe trainers in Finland at the moment and 10 of them work at Nitor. Globally, Maarit is a leading expert of the field and the certificate is an acknowledgement of the persistent work she has done for developing the model and its training program,” say Rami Sirkiä, the Director of Lean Consulting at Nitor.

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Further information:

Maarit Laanti, Head Trainer, Nitor Delta
Phone: +358 40 5308056

Rami Sirkiä, Director, Nitor Delta
Phone: +358 40 7319602