Nitor Boosts Sanoma's Subscription Sales with New Platform

May 28, 2014, 11:06 AM

Sanoma Corporation has renewed the online sales tools for its main subscription-based products over the past winter. The Sales Platform was developed by Nitor who has also published other significant cooperation contracts with media houses lately.

Sanoma Sales Platform (SSP) is an entity of several services, that can be attached with brand-specific order management, billing and product management as well as a completely new type of cross-sell between brands. The key in Nitor cooperation has been agility, due to which the time-to-market of the sales tools has been record-breakingly short. This has enabled Sanoma to publish the new online sales services of many of its central brands and products within a quick time period.

Sanoma technology PMO director Paula Hiltunen states that developing the sales platform was strategically important to Sanoma. – In a project like this the usual challenge is to recognize the essential needs and to achieve measurable benefit from a business perspective. We had a high level vision ready and our own professional development team – Nitor brought in an experienced group, which was able to break down our needs into manageable capabilities, Hiltunen summarizes.

”Especially in this project the agile methods truly show their power”, tells Nitor’s Chief Technology Officer Tommi Laitila. ”Definitions and ideas were specified constantly with Sanoma as the work progressed. We were able to transform the client’s visions into functional capabilities and into productive use very quickly. When a model like this works, the client notices at the end of the project that they actually received more than what they originally sought for”.

The co-operation between Nitor and Sanoma continues. Currently under development is a tool which improves the services produced for the Sanoma customers and optimizes the operation of customer service.

For more information on Nitor:

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About Sanoma

Sanoma is amongst the largest media and learning companies in Europe. We entertain, inform, educate and inspire millions of people every day — across media in multiple channels. We employ over 10,000 professional employees operating in Europe. Our key markets are Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Central & Eastern Europe.

About Nitor

Nitor is a creative software company and leading applier of agile methods.

Nitor operates in two business areas. Nitor Creations develops demanding business-driven software solutions. Entire development is based on strong competence in solution architectures and pragmatic approach in applying agile methods. Nitor Delta trains lean & agile methods and executes agile change initiatives at entire organisation scope.

The net revenue of the company was 7.88 million euros in 2013 and the company employs over 60 professionals.