Nitor Delivers Itella Verkosto with a Solution in Agile Offsite Development Service

Jan 30, 2014, 8:38 AM

Itella Verkosto's web-based accounting company solution, Verkosto Noutaja, was developed in Nitor's offsite development service. The solution enables Itella' s SME customers to share documents seamlessly to 3rd parties such as accounting companies. Nitor took part in the design, implementation and deployment of the solution.

Itella's challenge was that local agile teams near the customer could not be scaled up to achieve the time-to-market requirements. Instead, external development capacity was preferred to achive the target schedule. The external capacity was purchased from Nitor's agile offsite development service. The delivery utilised the software developers within the Nitor Lifecycle service. The customer communication and progress reporting were offered from single service point.

Typically Nitor offers agile software development locally, close to the customer. Itella Verkosto is an example case where this was not possible. "In these kinds of situations, it is usually very difficult to maintain agile way of working. We have put a lot of effort to solve this challenge lately.", tells Olli Auvinen from Nitor.

Nitor launched scalable agile model (SAFe) and the services to facilitate, support and train the development method the first in Finland during the past year. SAFe provides a number of production-proven solutions to enable offsite development.

In addition to the application development, Nitor has also provided operation and maintenance and fault resolution services according to the JHS 174 recommendations to Itella. These services comply with the basic level recommendations with regard to service hours, availability and error resolution time. "We have been very satisfied with the service provided by Nitor and the end quality of the delivery. The service provided has been very responsive and of high quality. On top of this, we finished the project in target schedule.", tells Jaana Räsänen from Itella.

Overall service also covers steering group which follows the local development needs of the customer and responds to them according to agreed service level. The group follows the total quality of the service and facilitates continuous improvement.

For more information:

Matti Vilmi, Chief Executive Officer
Nitor Creations Oy
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Jaana Räsänen, Partner Manager
Itella Oyj
Tel: +358 40 533 2899
E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

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