As Nitor goes home – we’ve called in our paw patrol!

Mar 17, 2020, 4:12 PM

Let's admit it: Us Nordic people are quite good at social distancing to begin with. But there is a big difference in choosing to stay away and actually having to keep away from people. So we decided to share some of our home office pictures and best tips of staying sane and productive while confined to our homes. Needless to say – you’ll get to see plenty of four legged helpers!


Mikko Forsström

My best tip for staying sane in my 25 square meter home "office" is to have a hairy coworker who is actually very happy about this current coronavirus pandemic!


Eva Nyholm

Just finished my remote setup. I configured my gaming PC for coding and installed a (blue-tacked) development phone on the front panel of the PC. Ready to roll!


Annika Madejska

Let your furry helpers help! And remember to keep in touch with your colleagues. Do an online afternoon tea break! And remember that some colleagues might be worried as they belong to a risk group, even if you never noticed that they have health issues.


Joel Kaasinen

Keep up your social skills by talking to the giant spider in your living room.


Annina Kivikari

Plan your day with a task list – by checking off things from it you’ll get that sense of accomplishment.


Ari Koli

My home dual screen setup with a Macbook Pro and an iMac. The red dongle is a Luna Display to have wireless display share. Keeps some cables out of your way.


Joakim Sandström

Remember to keep a sustainable pace also during remote work. Take a short break and go outside and enjoy the fresh air.


Björn Heselius

We created an Insta hashtag for you to keep up with our furry friends! #furfriendsofNitor


Juuso Soikkeli

Four eyes are better at spotting bugs than two.


Samppa Saarela

Having co-workers is important. Even if they’re a bit hairy.


Pyry Nikunen

Don't forget to take breaks during the day! I spend nearly all my free time in this corner anyway so this is nothing new. :)


Antti Laisi

A nice fire in the fireplace keeps the home office warm and extra cosy.


Kati Laine

I recommend having at least 2 pets if there are 2 people working from home. Otherwise paws-on support will be put on too much stress! And remember to wash those paws even at home!


Sam Stenvall

Do not turn off the coffee maker. Do not turn on the TV.


Ville SaAlo

Listen to some good music.


Heidi Holm

If you have to keep your kids at home – keep them fed and don’t expect the day to be a normal one. Give them some extra screen time if you need to focus – and audio books will save your day!


Alana Riihelä

Plan your day well ahead to stay on top of things.


Otto Manninen

Break down your day into intervals, separated by short breaks using Pomodoro Technique or similar. Personally, I use the Doggodoro Technique.

Stay safe out there!

We at Nitor would also like to extend our gratitude to all those that can’t work from home. To All those that are fighting this pandemic in the front lines, who keep us with food and electricity and keep the world as we know it turning – you have our gratitude.

Thank you!