Nitor is the Second Best Place to Work in Europe

Jun 15, 2018, 7:07 AM

Digital engineering company Nitor’s success as one of the best employers in Europe continues. Late last night, Nitor was chosen as Europe’s second best employer at the GPTW Gala in Athens. Earlier this year Nitor received the price for Finland’s best place to work. In the study, Nitor’s special ability to develop its business with a people-first approach was highlighted and Nitor also got a special Better for People award.


“We are very pleased and proud to have received recognition as a great employer. However, our success in the Great Place to Work study is the result of many years of work and it is important to highlight the projects that have been carried out to reach this point. These include, for example, the development of the People Ops team and our own Kamu System,” says Nitor’s CEO, Matti Vilmi.

Nitor took part in the study for the fourth time and has been placed among the best employers in Europe every time. This year, their placing rose two spots compared to last year’s fourth place.

Nitor, which was founded in 2007, has experienced growth particularly over the last few years in terms of personnel and business. In 2017, their revenue grew by 49% from the previous year, reaching 21.1 million euros. Nitor currently employs over 170 experts and recruits top-level specialists to join its team.

As its staff grew, Nitor started the volunteer-based Kamu System. Every Nitor employee has the opportunity to get a “Kamu”, or friend, who supports them with their personal needs. At Nitor, workplace wellbeing is seen as a whole that consists of working spaces and tools, physical wellbeing and even the opportunity to relax. Furthermore, the People Ops team at Nitor has an effect as well, striving to take care of Nitor employees as individuals and not as a resource, as with traditional administration.

”It is fundamentally important that Nitor employees have the support of a team that ensures that practical matters are taken care of. Agile consultant work with our customers is at the core of our business, but we have a brand-new office in the city center and year-round joint events that increase our sense of belonging,” explains Vilmi, who is also part of the People Ops team.

As Nitor grows, it is important to be able to keep up in international rankings as well. In fall 2017, the company entered the Swedish market by opening an office in Stockholm. Nitor Insight, founded during the past year, has also expanded Nitor’s services in the areas of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The new market areas and business as well as the more diverse staff offer an opportunity to produce better digital services.

”Now is a good time to work at Nitor. Our service offering is larger than ever and our know-how makes diverse, internationally lucrative projects possible. We strive to build on our diversity even further in the coming years, however in such a way that our fundamental values of operational agility, pragmatism and a passion for development remain at the core of our work,” Vilmi concludes.

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