Nitor Launches New Business for Adopting Agile in Large Scale

Jan 6, 2013, 11:32 AM

Nitor has established a new subsidiary which specializes in adopting Agile in Large Scale. The new subsidiary, Nitor Delta, offers comprehensive transitions to agile model. The operations in Nitor Delta started already in 2012 and the company has already delivered services to several customer companies.

In conjunction with launching new business, Ph.D, MSc. Maarit Laanti starts in Nitor Delta as Director responsible for transitions to agile model. Prior to starting in Nitor, Laanti had a career in Nokia Networks, Nokia Technology Platforms and in Nokia Mobile Phones. "We are proud to welcome a seasoned substance leader, such as Maarit Laanti, in Nitor Delta. The unique expertize of Maarit will complement and enrich the Pragmatic Agile development model in a number of ways.", explains Matti Vilmi, CEO of Nitor.

In her career Maarit Laanti has worked with agile methods since 2004 and prior to that in various leading positions in organisations and projects. Since 2007 she has led large-scale transitions to agile model in big corporations. For example, she has been responsible for training agile coaches and has run hundreds of trainings including management teams of various organisations.

Laanti's doctorate thesis, which is published in January 2013, "Agile Methods in Large-Scale Software Development Organizations - Applicability and Model for Adoption" is one of the largest and most topical scientific publications in the agile field. Laanti's paper in the LESS2010 conference was granted the Best Paper Award. In the agile community she's co-operated with e.g. Dean Leffingwell, PhD Alistair Cockburn, Ken Rubin, Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck and Jim Coplien.

Among a number of other topics, Nitor Delta offering covers Agile Release Planning, Agile Program Management and Beyond Budgeting. In addition to helping the traditional software projects and software organisations become agile, we offer solutions to e.g. reaching agile mode of operation in finance and applying lean principes to hardware development projects. Our areas of expertise cover, for example, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, TDD, ATDD and Extreme Programming.

More information about Nitor:

Matti Vilmi, CEO
Nitor Creations Ltd
Tel: +358 45 1204 747

About Nitor Delta

Nitor Delta Ltd is a Finnish company founded in 2012 and specialized in agile transitions. Our services improve profitability, eliminate waste, improve time-to-market and improve quality for our customers' business. We are specialized in large-scale and pragmatic way of applying agile methods.

About Nitor Creations

Nitor Creations develops demanding, business-driven software solutions. Our services ensure the operation of business critical systems accurately, reliably and efficiently.

Suomen Asiakastieto chose Nitor Creations Ltd as the strongest company in Uusimaa county in 2011. Nitor is a regional winner (Uusimaa) in Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 competition and made it to the top 20 fastest growing technology companies in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 ranking in 2012.