Nitor Speakers in Demand at European Lean and Agile Conferences

Oct 15, 2014, 9:42 AM

​Along with digitalisation, agile development is estimated to be a global megatrend, which influences the success of all companies in the future, throughout industries. This can be seen in the absolute explosion in the amount of Agile and Lean conferences in Europe. Companies are competing in figuring out what the agile methods are eventually about, and how agility can be transferred from the team level into strategic thinking of an entire organization.

Nitor’s position as a leading software company in agile development has stirred considerable traction for Nitor experts to attend as speakers in the relevant industry conferences throughout Europe this year. Maarit Laanti was invited as the keynoter for the XP2014 – event in Rome at the end of May, and also Janne Sinivirta and Teemu Toivonen have been traveling throughout this year. During this autumn, Nitor professionals appear, among other places, in Prague, Stuttgart, Munich, London, Lausanne and Vilnius.

Interest towards Nitor, according to Maarit Laanti, is a result of the determination, that the company has had in bringing agility into the organisational level. ”Large client companies have brought us credibility and increased the general understanding of the importance of business agility from the perspective of any organization”, Laanti estimates. ”We can communicate on all levels about the lean and agile methods and assess how systematic improvement of the company’s operations and products can be initiated. One example of these methods is Toyota Kata, continuous improvement and systematic problem-solving model, for which we have started the training as the first in Finland.”

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About Nitor

Nitor is a creative software company and leading applier of agile methods.

Nitor operates in two business areas. Nitor Creations develops demanding business-driven software solutions. Entire development is based on strong competence in solution architectures and pragmatic approach in applying agile methods. Nitor Delta trains lean & agile methods and executes agile change initiatives at entire organisation scope.

The net revenue of the company was 7.88 million euros in 2013 and the company employs over 70 professionals.