Nitor Wins Yleisradio's Public Tender for Lean & Agile Consulting

Nov 11, 2013, 9:39 AM

Nitor has been selected the primary vendor in Yleisradio's public tender in which the media corporation was looking for partners for developing the company's business processes and leadership towards lean and agile model. The 4-year frame agreement signed between Yle and Nitor was announced in October 2013.

The public tender received bids from 22 companies from which Nitor was selected the number one. The assessment criteria included the quality of the company operations, the skills and experience of the personnel and the price of the services. Nitor received the highest marks from quality and skills in the bidding process. The overall grading of Nitor was nearly 50% higher than in the weakest-performing qualified offer. The public tender attracted both domestic SMEs and large, international consulting companies.

Nitor also qualified for another area of the public tender where Yleisradio was competing consulting services for adopting lean and agile methods in application development. Nitor was awarded a 4-year frame agreement as one of the six selected vendors.

According to Chief Executive Officer of Nitor, Matti Vilmi, taking part in the tender raises interesting viewpoints to agile coaching and training in Finland. "We were not the cheapest contractor in the bidding process, a little above median. Quality and skills made the difference. This is a great signal. Public sector organisations have great capabilities to measure the most economic contractors these days. Additionally, it is terrific that media corporations, like Yleisradio, are keen on adopting lean and agile methods in developing their businesses."

More information on Nitor:

Matti Vilmi, Chief Executive Officer
Tel: +358 45 1204 747
E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)

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About Nitor

Nitor is a leading software company specialized in agile development methods.

Nitor operates in two business areas. Nitor Delta trains lean & agile methods and executes agile change initiatives at entire organisation scope. Nitor Creations develops demanding business-driven software solutions. Entire development is based on strong competence in solution architectures and pragmatic approach in applying agile methods.

The net revenue of the company was 6.7 million euros in 2012 and the company employs nearly 50 employees.