Nitor's Toyota Kata Course to Unemployed Fully Booked in a Day

Nov 18, 2014, 11:36 AM

Nitor challenges IT companies to contibute for the welfare Finland and the companies themselves to improve their competitiveness by developing their problem solving skills. The familiar industry practices help solve day-to-day problems. Therefore Nitor pays it forward and trains unemployed IT professionals in a free course in November. The course was fully booked in a day.

Nitor organises a free Toyota Kata course focused in problem-solving skills to unemployed in Helsinki on the 18th November 2014. "IT companies have a lot to give to improve the competitiveness of Finland. We in Nitor help companies daily to develop their competitiveness and help solve their problems in a systematic way. The same skills and Toyota Kata method is also helpful in solving other daily problems - we wanted to share our skills also to general well-being", tells Maarit Laanti who leads Nitor Delta. "We received the challenge from our good competitor Reaktor, and we challenge also other companies in the field to contribute to our national competitiveness."

Competitiveness Is Born by Systematic Creativity

Toyota Kata is a model for continuous improvement, systematic problem solving and leadership, which is originally based on holistic organisational thinking developed at car-maker Toyota. It utilises 'katas', routines, as a tool for continuous improvement.

"Regarding the competitiveness of Finland, it is very important to recognize that instead of solving problems one-by-one, a problem solving culture can be created to an organisation. For leading long-term success, it is essential to help people solve problems themselves - wisdom does not live only in the executive leadership", tells Teemu Toivonen of Nitor Delta, who has specialised in the agile development methods. "Welfare Finland is in a 'death valley', just as Toyota in the beginning of 1950s - you have to rise or let go of the welfare state. Toyota transformed into totally new kind of mentoring of employees and created an innovative agile development culture for solving problems, through which it survived and became an industry leader."

Finnish Know-how in Demand

Teemu Toivonen and Maarit Laanti from Nitor Delta, who have been studying problem-solving methods, are continuously attending as speakers in the relevant industry conferences throughout Europe. During this year, Nitor professionals appear, among other places, in Prague, Stuttgart, Munich, London, Lausanne, Rome and Vilnius. "For example, German companies are ahead of Finnish companies in creating innovative, problem solving centric culture. They give more emphasis to empowering everyone - even good leaders do not win by themselves", tells Teemu Toivonen.

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About Nitor

Nitor is a creative software company and leading applier of agile methods.

Nitor operates in two business areas. Nitor Creations develops demanding digital business solutions. Entire development is based on strong competence in solution architectures and pragmatic approach in applying agile methods. Nitor Delta trains lean & agile methods and executes agile change initiatives at entire organisation scope.

The net revenue of the company was 7.88 million euros in 2013 and the company employs over 70 professionals.