Posti chose Nitor to maintain its core digital services

Jan 25, 2016, 4:35 PM

Digital engineering agency Nitor and Posti have made a permanent agreement, which states that Nitor is now responsible for 38 of Posti’s major digital services and operative applications. The agreement includes Posti’s application maintenance services, such as disturbance reports, modifications and development.

Also the following digital services will be maintained by Nitor:

  • Services that enable item tracking, change of address and mail forwarding. These have also been recently fully modernised by Nitor.
  • The service for statutory change of address notification, which Posti provides for the Population Registration Centre and local register offices.
  • Posti’s mobile application in Android, iOS and Windows environments.
  • Netposti, PTP Mailing Desktop and other convenient services for both consumer and business clients.

Furthermore, Nitor will take charge of several applications related to mail delivery. These include, for example, an address database, address maintenance tools and a delivery portal. Nitor is also responsible for client authentication, authorisation and customer data integration, which are critical functions of Posti’s daily operations.

“The goal of the agreement is to bring development closer to actual operations. We have been cooperating with Nitor for a long time already and, as you may gather from this shift to a permanent agreement, we have been very pleased with our collaboration. Doing business with Nitor’s experts is always straightforward”, says Vice President Jukka Holm from Posti’s ICT unit.

Nitor is already familiar with many of Posti’s applications and services, as it has been designing and developing many of them from prototype up to production. Now Nitor will be in charge of them also after entering production. Managing the whole lifecycle of their applications in close cooperation with customers is an essential part of Nitor’s way of working.

“Posti is involved in the everyday life of nearly all Finnish people and companies. Hence, sustainable digital development is critical and Posti as a company must be able to react even on rapid changes within the industry. We are very happy to help them achieve this”, says Nitor’s CEO Matti Vilmi.

Small scale development included in the maintenance agreement will be executed with agile DevOps methods. Speed and quality of the service will be ensured with locating Nitor’s team at Posti’s premises and having the same experts work on both maintenance and development.

Additional information:

Jukka Holm, Vice President, Business IT Solutions and Architecture, Posti Group
Tel: +358 40 848 2513

Matti Vilmi, CEO, Nitor
Tel: +358 45 120 4747