Tietoviikko Selects Nitor Creations Tivi ICT Company of the Year

Jun 12, 2014, 10:55 AM

Nitor, the leading developer of digital business solutions, continues at growth curve. The financial year 2013 was successful at every indicator. The net revenue of the company grew to 7.78 MEUR, up 16% year-on-year. The operating profit reached 2.16 MEUR - matching 28% of the revenue. The analysis conducted by Tivi resulted in the highest possible TE score of 10. The selection from the 250 biggest IT companies as the ICT Company of the Year is not only based on numbers though.

"We have made correct decisions", comments company CEO Matti Vilmi about the selection. "We consider customer satisfaction very important, and we have analytical information that we have succeeded in it." According to Vilmi, it is not just about technical solutions, but understanding the customer problems instead and efficient resolution of them. "Agility is not just a word for us. Deep understanding and implementing the method, and training our customers to lean and agile methods give us the critical competitive advantage", Vilmi assesses.

Service digitalisation has been going on for a longer time in financial and telecom industries. In the media and advertisement industry, it is more recent phenomenon, and especially in this sector Nitor has strengthened its position during the past year. The 3rd industrial revolution, digitalisation of the industrial sector, is about to begin and in this development the Finnish companies have to be prepared. "Finland can't afford to fall behind in the 'Internet of Things' and digitalisation of the industrial sector", says Matti Vilmi. "We weren't fast enough in the retail sector, foreign webshops have nearly taken over these markets. In the digital revolution we are going through, Nitor has to be more than just a software house. It is our responsibility to guide our customer through the turmoil and surviving from it as a winner."

This year, the revenue growth of Nitor is expected to continue. Growth is expected in various industries. Besides developing digital business solutions, training lean and agile methods has increasing demand. "Overall it can be said that we are growing at every sector. Happy customers guarantee our growth.", concludes Matti Vilmi.

"Despite a challenging year, we won a number of new accounts and our position in the market is now clearly stronger than year ago. This is thanks to stunning performance and tough attitude from our personnel. Our financial position has also continued to strengthen and it improves our chances to invest into developing our services further also in the future.", continues COO Olli Auvinen. "Our biggest challenge is finding skilled staff that meets our qualifications also in the future."

For more information on Nitor:

Matti Vilmi, Chief Executive Officer
Nitor Creations Oy
Tel: +358 45 120 4747
E-mail: firstname.lastname(at)nitorcreations.com

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About Nitor

Nitor is a creative software company and leading applier of agile methods.

Nitor operates in two business areas. Nitor Creations develops demanding business-driven software solutions. Entire development is based on strong competence in solution architectures and pragmatic approach in applying agile methods. Nitor Delta trains lean & agile methods and executes agile change initiatives at entire organisation scope.

The net revenue of the company was 7.88 million euros in 2013 and the company employs over 60 professionals.