Timo-Pekka Viljamaa to helm Nitor’s design team

May 12, 2016, 4:15 PM

Timo-Pekka Viljamaa (MSc in Engineering) has been appointed as Principal UX Designer at Nitor. Viljamaa will concentrate on developing and leading Nitor’s design capabilities and culture. He will also work with clients in a consulting role.


Timo-Pekka Viljamaa has over 15 years’ experience in user experience and service design. During his work in Microsoft’s and Nokia’s mobile phone development, Nokia Research Center, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Viljamaa has gathered a vast amount of expertise on data visualization as well as designing mobile handsets, applications, geographical information systems, and NFC payments.

“Thanks to the advances in digitalization, design plays an ever increasing role in every company. The methods of design work are in transformation, and a successful user experience is built in cooperation with the business, clients, designers, programmers, and customer service – preferably with everyone sitting around the same table”, says Timo-Pekka Viljamaa.

Viljamaa has also designed biometric authentication systems and smartphones, led the design teams of Lumia and Nokia N9 phones, and created the user experience for Nokia N9 and Asha 501 phones.

“We are thrilled to have T-P with us! We started our own user experience design practice two years ago, and his design expertise will bring a very important and needed boost to this department”, says Nitor’s CEO Matti Vilmi.


Timo-Pekka Viljamaa, Principal UX Designer, Nitor
Tel: +358 50 486 0522
E-mail: timo-pekka.viljamaa@nitor.fi

Matti Vilmi, CEO, Nitor
Tel: +358 45 120 4747
E-mail: matti.vilmi@nitor.fi