​Why company culture is your most valuable asset

Mar 26, 2019, 9:39 AM

Unity is one of our core values. Once upon a time in Lapland it came to life.


Our one and only boss Matti Vilmi, talked about the employee experience at Webbdagarna in Stockholm. He said, that his responsibility is not to manage people. His responsibility is unity — one of our core values.

In March we were on our winter getaway with the company, doing winter sports and having fun just hanging out together for a weekend. But the trip itself is not the point. Here's a small anecdote on how Nitor's values came to life on the slopes of Pallas.

We were a bunch of about 10 people skiing together, when one of us took a tumble.

The whole group stopped.

Even if only two people could actively help, the whole group waited in the slope until our colleague was up and ready to get back to ripping down the slopes.

We’re consultants, so most of us don’t even work in the same team on a daily basis. However, our company culture is such, that people genuinely care about each other.

If we do this in the slopes on our spare time, you can only imagine the help and support we get from every Nitorian around us in our day to day work.

We’re individuals, we’re small teams — but we’re also one team.

This is what unity is.




Annika Madejska is a Designer at Nitor with a passion for interaction design and user research. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of “spare time” as she is currently studying full time for an additional university degree in informatics while working. She also does historical re-enactment where she likes to focus on textile crafts and recreating pages from illuminated manuscripts.