A new study on peer-coaching

16.8.2019 klo 11.12

What is the role of a peer-coaching practice in nurturing well-being of employees in a self-managed organization? This question has now been studied in Nitor.


Lately the role of peer-coaching has been studied in Nitor with the help of research professionals, associate professor in management and organisation, Mats Ehrnrooth and doctoral candidate of Hanken School of Economics, Natalia Fey.

In the Work2019 conference Natalia Fey and Lean - Agile Coach Kirsi Mikkonen presented the research findings (pdf).

This research is unique in a global scale. The combination of peer-coaching and well-being in a self-managed organization has not been studied yet.

  • Peer-coaching is “a development process involving a coach and a coachee, with relatively equal status, focusing on expanding, refining and or/building new skills, leadership tools and knowledge in workplace situations” (Ladyshewsky, 2017, p.284).
  • Well-being or subjective well-being is defined as how “people evaluate their lives”. This evaluation may occur through cognitive evaluations or affective evaluations” (Bakker and Oerlemans, 2011, pp. 178-189).
  • Self-managed organization "radically decentralizes authority in a formal and systematic way throughout the organization" (Lee & Edmondson, 2017, p. 5).

We call the peer-coaching at Nitor “Kamu-Kaveri support network”, and it is highly valued internally. In the study 21% of Nitor’s personnel was interviewed by Natalia Fey, Mats Ehrnrooth, Kirsi Mikkonen and Nitor’s People Operations Specialist Tiina Vanala.

Interviews gave us understanding on how to develop Kamu-Kaveri support system further. It also gave us valuable confirmation that we are using our precious time rightly by increasing the overall wellbeing of each Nitorean.

Read more:

Kirsi and Natalia’s presentation “To have or not to have leaders? If not, what about employee wellbeing?” (pdf)



Kirsi Mikkonen is a versatile Lean-Agile coach. She is also an international sailing champion who switches her sailing shoes to telemark skis when the waves turn to ice.

Cover image by Ieva Vizule on Unsplash