We’re interested in you

The very best end up working for Nitor and advance to become even better. We grow alongside our experts, but the availability of professionals determines the pace. We’d rather do big things with a small team than the other way around. We are sincerely interested in you and the skills you could bring us.

You are our most important success factor

We offer you a role in a self-steering and flexible team that produces best-of-breed solutions with more agility than acrobats in a Chinese circus. We want to be the best employer in the industry which means that our greatest asset – the employee – always comes first. Every professional at Nitor is a top specialist in his/her field. As a team, we’re even better.

We invest in you

As you grow, our team evolves as well and as a result, our company succeeds. That’s why you can use a part of your working hours in internal development programs and self-study. It is a part our company culture. Right now we have the Leonardo and Manhattan development programs. In addition, we actively take part in open source development projects.

Fit for you?

Do you want to hear more?

At Nitor, we believe in participatory leadership: instead of a hierarchy, Nitor encourages open discussion and decision-making. Meaningful work develops competence and makes the company successful. We are also one of Europe's best workplaces. If you want to learn more about Nitor as an employer, contact Sami Lappeteläinen.


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