Life is longer than a business quarter.
That’s why we do sustainable
digital development.

Lean Design and Architecture

We make sure to cover all the angles of our projects and our solutions excel in meeting their expectations. With our Pragmatic Agile® method we ensure quality and the full benefits of our engineering skills for the whole life cycle of the solutions.

Service designfor strategic success

We use service design to find solutions that create the most value for the customer and the business. Our digital solutions are built with a human-centered mindset and follow the client's strategy and business model, not the other way around.

Architecturefor sustainable digital development

In our lean architecture we combine orderliness and agile methods in a way that serves best the purpose. Our architects are not afraid to get their hands dirty which means both fast delivery and careful design. As a result our clients get sustainable digital design, i.e. solutions that are functional and open for future development throughout the whole life cycle of the solution.

User experienceis vital

User experience is a vital success factor so we take it into account everywhere from visual design and prototyping to development of our solutions. Understanding humans and technical excellence do not rule each other out. We speak the same language with your customers.

PrototypingThe rapid and realistic way

A functioning prototype reveals the pitfalls and opportunities at a stage where it is still inexpensive to change the course. Our ability to prototype quickly is based on strong engineering expertise combined with small and visionary teams.


When looking at the lifespan of a solution, the biggest costs come from maintenance and the implementation of new properties. Here lie also the biggest opportunities for savings. Sustainable digital development means that we have thought about the technological environment, use cases, and development opportunities for years on.

Test driven software development

Our Pragmatic Agile® delivery model enhances the commonly used scrum and kanban methods. Planning takes place within the development team and fast feedback is utilized in all stages of the supply chain. The architecture planning makes sure that the end result will be compatible with the client's testing and production environments. Test-driven software development guarantees the high quality and inexpensive maintenance of the systems. Our independence is also an asset to our customers. We only use proven and well-functioning development tools as well as open source libraries and tools.

Agile maintenance services

Our life cycle maintenance is based on the modern DevOps model and flexible cloud technology. Application development, quality assurance, small-scale development and production support collaborate in a tight manner. We utilize continuous integration and the infrastructure for continuous delivery. For our clients this means significant savings and the opportunity for fast service development, for the whole life cycle of the product.

Agile Transformation

The reward can be found at the end of the rainbow, but the beginning of the journey doesn't need to be difficult. Nitor offers versatile experience in transition processes and helps clients to adopt agile methods and reach their business objectives.

Agile transitionfor the entire organisation

Best results are met when the entire organization conforms to the transition. Nitor helps organizations in shifting to a fully agile way of working by using Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) model. We bring adaptive leadership to every level of the company, from project teams to the budgeting function. We make sure that know-how evolves from theoretical level to practical problem solving.

We help our customers to support their people in agile transformation, and build people operations enhancing this aim. We also help organizations to be more resilient, to make next transformation easier.

Trainingis capital for transition

Our clients are experts in their business; we excel in fully agile operation models and transition leadership. To combine the two we offer Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) model and certified training for our clients. Read more about our trainings.

Transition supporton the practical level

The know-how generated in management and staff trainings turns into practical actions in transition workshops that we organize with experience from numerous projects. At the team level, transition support is most efficiently achieved with a Scrum Master of Product Owner. They guide the team to the new way of thinking. They also offer technical support with their methodology know-how and help with deployment of new tools.

Inspections and audits

Our independent inspection and audit services offer our expertise at your disposal and help to lead projects to the right direction. Inspections work best at the development stage but can be carried out in systems already in production.

Application and architectureinspections for quality assurance

Full inspections or project component inspections shed light on the best target areas for improvement and monitor that the quality delivered is in accordance with the set criterions.

Performance inspections to locate risks

Profiling service locates the bottlenecks in both stand-alone systems and system integrations. Profiling can be carried out to the component level to reveal the precise functions that consume resources.

Risk detection auditcapabilities

We find possible risks before they hit your wallet. If needed, we help design and deploy testing of exceptional circumstances.

Are You Ready for the AI Revolution?

Nitor Insight offers research and consulting services in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Discuss with Samuli Visuri and our other pragmatic scientists how to apply AI into your business.


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